Fascinating concept. Carvana eliminates your having to go to a dealership just to get beat up.
Everyone needs a car. Dealerships use your need for their greed. Therefore, they train salespeople to wear you down for the highest profit. They take your credit application to see what they can collect on the back end. That’s the financing kickback. A huge portion of their profit. They hold your trade-in keys so you can’t “escape”. Then they run between you and the “wizard” behind the curtain known as the sales manager to “close the deal”. Everybody hates it.

How about CARVANA. The new way to buy a car.

Find what you’re looking for by model and price range. Trade in your car with no hassle. Or, you can even simply sell your car to CARVANA with a firm offer in less than 2 minutes. No pictures needed. No hassle! And they’ll even pick it up. YES! Sell or trade. It’s up to your needs.

Customizing your financing payment is also in your control.

IntellaPro says “Let’s check CARVANA out”.
What a great TV ad. What a concept
Keep your keys until after the deal.

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